A business's reputation is at the core of every decision made about it: whether to buy its products or services, whether to invest in its securities, whether to join it as an employee, or whether to permit its arguments a fair hearing in political debate.

Too often, Reputation Management is used as a reactive tool: put in place when a new development puts a corporation's image under attack. By then, it's usually too late. The news itself creates or alters public perceptions, indelibly when there is no managed perception preceding it.

Ostrow & Partners provides proactive Reputation Management as a critically important strategic resource. Certainly, a managed reputation plays a role in image defense. But, more important, an audience-sensitive, strategically-planned, consistently executed Reputation Management program creates the context in which news and information, favorable and unfavorable, can be understood, interpreted and acted upon by each audience to which the company relates. The most effective and most powerful messages -- messages that sell products, maintain share valuations, attract world class employees and influence public opinion -- come from companies that manage their communications to their publics' expectations.

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