The Reputation Audit is the starting point. More than just a survey, Ostrow & Partners Reputation Audits are designed to provide the understandings and the strategic communications plan to harmonize an organization's reputational assets with its audiences' message amenabilities.

The process begins with helping an organization understand what it says and thinks about itself, and to formulate what it wants said and thought. It then develops an understanding of what key audiences know and think about the company, and, most important, the messages and media that will change their perceptions to match the organization's communications goals.

The Ostrow & Partners Reputation Audit then looks at the processes of communications. Which communications vehicles are used; to which do the audiences best respond; what tools do others competing for influence use and for which of their messages? Are the communications resources adequate; are they properly structured; are they structured to respond to what the audiences need and expect? And, what about communications policy? Is it clear; is it consistently followed; is it contemporaneous with the policies established by the more competitive peers?

Ostrow & Partners Reputation Audits focus on the critical intermediary audiences that serve as gatekeepers to public opinion: media, analysts, industry "gurus," government officials. Broader research of customers, employees and the general public can also be custom-designed to determine their media and content priorities, as well as levels of influence.

An integrated series of strategic recommendations are the differentiating value in an Ostrow & Partners Reputation Audit. Each Audit includes recommendations on Key Communications Messages, Communications Policy and Communications Structure and Organization. A Tactical Communications Plan is also provided, incorporating consideration of Communications Materials (including, as appropriate, Identity); Defining Events or Activities; General, Business and Trade Media Relations; Marketing Support Activities; Community Relations (including "contributions"); Government Relations (federal and state); and, for public companies, Investor Relations.

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