Managing controversial public issues and crises creates complex challenges for most organizations.

Not only must the issue or crisis be resolved, usually under a media spotlight, but "normal" business must also be managed while the special situation disrupts standard processes and reporting hierarchies.

The expectations of media, government officials and an organization's publics also change significantly when it is involved in a public issue or crisis. New standards, with very precise definitions of competence are applied. And, most organizations ignore the most basic tenet of issues and crisis management: the mere fact that an organization is in the spotlight changes perceptions of the organization, its products or services, and, most important, the sense of "trust" on which its interactions with its publics depend.

Ostrow & Partners provides corporations, organizations and agencies with the broadest range of issues and crisis management services, delivered by professionals averaging more than twenty years of active situation management experience. Services include Issues and Crisis Risk Analysis, Issues and Crisis Management Systems Development and Training and Active Issues and Crisis Management Services.

Organizations that manage issues and crisis situations to the legitimate expectations of their publics tend to emerge from such experiences with more favorable and more productive relationships, marked by enhanced trust. These are relationships that reflect the professional application of principles and processes developed and applied by the professionals of Ostrow & Partners.

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