Issues and Crisis Risk Analysis:

Ostrow & Partners provides organizations with an understanding of the nature, scope, intensity and prospective magnitude of public relations risk associated with their practices, policies, processes, products or services and performance. The analysis can be of a specific business unit, issue or concern, or generalized for the entire organization. It can also be performed to assess the implications of a planned corporate action, ranging from an acquisition or divestiture to a corporate restructuring or announcing an unexpected change in senior management.

Public Relations Risk Assessments (PRRA) provide an enhanced, current understanding of the public relations environment in which an organization operates, with a particular focus on the interplay between company activities and issues current with media and key constituencies. The study provides management with an assessment of the actual public relations risks the organization faces, in situations ranging from potential losses related to the nature of the operations to regulatory changes impacting products to confrontations with advocacy groups. The PRRA is presented by the Ostrow & Partners senior counselor and includes an Executive Summary, Overview of Findings, Conclusions re: Specific Risks and Implications, and Recommended Public Relations Risk Management Programs.

Pre-Decision Public Relations Risk Assessments are limited purpose versions of the PRRA, and may be conducted in anticipation of activities and decisions as diverse as hiring or firing a high-profile executive, acquiring or closing a manufacturing or other significant facility, purchasing or disposing of a major asset, or acquiring a company in either a friendly or unsolicited manner. Among the issues that could be studied are environmental implications, likely competitive response, quality and integrity of employee benefit plans and the existing image of the "other party" and its implications to the client organization's own positioning.

Issues and Crisis Management Systems Development and Training are key components of the fully-managed approach recommended by Ostrow & Partners. Organizations that have developed and installed Issues and Crisis Management Systems that reflect their decision-making cultures as well as their issues and crisis vulnerabilities, and which have trained on those systems prior to managing actual situations, generally are extremely effective at Demonstrating the Responsible Management Action that is the public's highest expectation in crisis situations.

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