Maintaining a fair market valuation for a company's securities -- a value that reflects performance and reasonable expectations -- is one of management's primary responsibilities, to its shareholders and to itself.

With exponential growth in the number of investment options, computer-directed investment decisions and the increasingly short-term focus of professional money managers, achieving an appropriate valuation for equity has become increasingly challenging, particular for small and medium-capitalization companies.

Ostrow & Partners, with over 25 years experience in Investor Relations, recognizes that there are no easy solutions. Achieving and maintaining a fair market valuation requires consistent performance, persistently communicated. It requires defining a unique investment proposition for a company, one that provides a reason to select it on its own merits, and within the context of all other investment opportunities.

Investor Relations, therefore, is both science and art. The science is understanding the dynamics of valuation in the marketplace and placing corporate performance within the demands of quantifiable analysis. The art is understanding the role of judgment, and communicating ideas to the factors that influence it.

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