Once a company's messages have been defined, and refined to meet the amenabilities of its key investor audiences, an Investor Relations Communications Plan is developed. While incorporating all of the activities suggested by the research phase, the Plan itself is carefully constructed so that each element builds on others, increasing the power of the effort while maximizing efficiency. Investor Relations Communications Plans generally include activities in the following areas:

Corporate Materials: conceptualization, research and drafting of Corporate Brochures, Annual Reports, Quarterly Reports, Shareholder Meeting Reports; Investment Professional Factbooks; Corporate Videos.

Investor Meetings: arranging for and facilitating presentations to analyst and broker groups; company-sponsored meetings and "Road Shows;" industry and investor conferences; one-on-one meetings with key influencers; development of presentations and materials for these meetings.

Business and Investor Media Relations: arrangement of and preparation for executive interviews by business and investor media, including investor-oriented television; on-going media contact to maintain relationships and place company and industry "news" in perspective.

Information Dissemination: preparation and distribution of financial press releases (earnings, dividends, management changes, etc.) in conformity with disclosure requirements; prompt distribution of materials to key analysts and reporters; maintenance of company distribution lists.

Market Surveillance: on-going monitoring of brokerage reports, announcements by "peers," trading activity in peer sectors.

In addition to planned activities, Ostrow & Partners also provides clients with on-going counsel on Investor Relations issues (including communications implications of SEC and Exchange regulatory changes). And, with the globalization of the securities markets, Ostrow & Partners has developed special capabilities for the representation of foreign equities (ADR's and ADS's) in U.S. markets, and U.S. equities overseas.

Ostrow & Partners provides these services to established public companies as well as those considering initial public offerings. For prospective "IPO's" the above services are provided in conformity with all SEC regulations governing such activities, with particular concern for "safe harbor" rules, business and market forecasts and "market stimulation." For companies considering an IPO, we recommend a close relationship be fostered by management between our office and the selected lead underwriter as well as securities counsel to ensure close coordination of activities.

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