Ostrow & Partners, Inc. was founded in 1994 by leading public relations counselors seeking to take a new idea and create a more professional approach to working with clients and their constituencies.

We began with some simple, but new understandings.

Our clients become our partners to meet their needs, not get attention for our business.

Our clients believe with us in the power of ideas, expressed in ways that command attention, guide decisions and encourage action.

Our clients know that we are too experienced and too good to do anything other than tell the truth -- to them and to their constituencies.

Operationally, we are a new idea, too.

We have no "juniors." Our partners left senior positions with "Top 10" agencies or major corporations to serve clients, not accounting departments of holding companies. When a client selects Ostrow & Partners, it gets top professionals -- as strategists and as implementers. There is no one else.

Clients get more for less. We provide the same breadth and greater depth of senior capability at about 2/3d's the costs of the so-called "major" firms. We don't have high overheads. We don't have staff waiting for assignments from new clients while being paid for by current ones.

We are infinitely flexible. We structure programs and projects to what clients need, not "formulas," "grids" or our structure. We have no minimum relationship or billing requirement.

We have used these ideas to grow to serve some of the world's largest corporations, and some on the cutting edge of new industries. They are our partners, and our friends.

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