Donna Davenport brings nearly 20 years of experience in consulting with high-profile companies to Ostrow & Partners clients, specializing in helping management align its goals and strategies with those of employees in a fast changing and increasingly competitive marketplace.

Donna's Business Futures Group, Inc. is an original partner of Ostrow & Partners, Inc. Immediately prior to starting her outside consulting career, Donna was a Senior Consultant in the IBM Consulting Group's Business Transformation Practice. At IBM, she developed the Group's Change Management Methodology and provided leadership to IBM engagements related to organization dynamics and change management.

Prior to her work at IBM, Donna was a Senior Consultant in the Organization Strategy and Effectiveness practice of The Hay Group, where her particular specialty was the development of programs to help clients achieve performance breakthroughs, especially in complex performance turnaround situations.

In addition to these assignments, she has led consulting assignments for a major financial services company leading to that client receiving the coveted Malcolm Baldridge Award and the re-engineering of the marketing and product management functions for a major telecommunications company

Donna began her consulting career at AT&T, where she spent 13 years in Strategic Planning, including consulting on many of the organizational and motivational issues related to that company's break-up and deregulation.

She is presently lead change management consultant working on the largest merger in the history of the energy utility industry. She also worked as a partner with Sam Ostrow and Steve Hess in the development of the Emergency Communications Plan for the Shoreham Nuclear Power Station, particularly focusing on staff organization and motivation. email: