Steve Hess has more than two decades of worldwide broadcast news and video production experience. Formerly a producer on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, Hess has covered major stories around the world including a major earthquake in Mexico, the challenge of the environmental movement to the nuclear power industry, the religious civil war in Lebanon, racial strife in South Africa and the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. In the U.S, his stories ranged from presidential elections and environmental catastrophes to coverage of emerging trends in business, medicine and health care.

Steve specializes in arranging television appearances and producing news and image videos and video events for television coverage. Among the corporations and organizations for which he has recently produced and placed are IBM, Mobil, Hallmark, The National Kidney Foundation, Cooper Industries, MasterCard and General Electric. Projects range from using videos to announce new products to global satellite-linked teleconferences. All phases of production are done in-house, from creative concept to scriptwriting, shoot and edit supervision and duplication and distribution.

For the past nine years, Mr. Hess has also applied his experience in covering corporate news and crises by providing realistic, hands-on media and presentation training and crisis and issues communications counseling services for such companies as IBM, Sony, LILCO, Brooklyn Union Gas Company, Hallmark, Mobil, Wyeth-Ayerst, Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz, and consulting with dozens of corporations and their counsel on communications issues and techniques during "crisis" events.

In 1995, Steve, together with former NBC legal affairs correspondent and producer Neal Rosenau, formed Legal Images; a firm specializing in assisting lawyers prepare demonstrative evidence for litigation.

In addition to awards from Sigma Delta Chi, the Society of Professional Journalists, for deadline writing and news program production, Mr. Hess is a recipient of the prestigious William Benton Fellowship in Journalism at The University of Chicago, where he studied law and medicine and developed comprehensive knowledge of on-line databases. email: