The Powerhouse Alliance was formed by four leading management consultancies to provide utilities and other formerly regulated businesses with a unique capability for taking leadership positions in an era of rapid deregulation, new and increasing competition, consolidation and technology transformation.

The four consultancies integrate different disciplines to help utilities' senior managements address these challenges. The Powerhouse Alliance helps management understand the implications of their current business strategies within the dynamically changing marketplaces; develop methodologies to align their key constituencies (employees, shareholders, regulators, communities) with the requirements of those strategies; assure that the expected technologies and technological competence are in the organization; and train public contact units (from employees to service and sales personnel to senior management) in the behaviors and communications skills expected of a leadership competitive enterprise.

The Powerhouse Alliance members include a leading Change Management management consulting firm, a public relations strategy consulting firm, a sales training firm and a technology consulting firm. The senior principals of each firm are each long-term practitioners in their respective fields, and have agreed to commit their time directly to serving and consulting with the clients of The Powerhouse Alliance.

Among the utilities for which the principals have consulted are KeySpan Energy Corporation, the Long Island Lighting Company, Public Service Electric & Gas, Consolidated Edison and Orange & Rockland Utilities in power generation and AT&T, BellAtlantic, Conectiv, Nynex and Pacific Telesis in telecommunications. email: