There are no unique consumer products or services, not after competitors see a success.

There are, however, unique equities: persistent and defining reasons why consumers trust, want and select one brand in a category over another, time after time.

Equity that builds brand loyalty, not value. Value is transient: impacted by new competition, new claims and, most often, new pricing. Equity, however, is a brand characteristic in which consumers invest their own beliefs, a powerful feeling about a product or service that cannot easily be changed by the vagaries of the marketplace, a belief that moves at the core of their consuming identities.

Building and leveraging brand equities is at the heart of Ostrow & Partners' approach to marketing communications. We use market diagnostic tools to understand the category characteristics consumers not only say they need, but in which they are willing to invest. We develop innovative programs to penetrate the screens media and consumers erect against "hype." We execute programs at a quality level reflecting that those programs really are about investment. And, we deliver results: not just media space and time, but shelf space and sales.

At Ostrow & Partners, we understand that brand equities aren't created through one marketing discipline, operating alone. We work closely with our clients' advertising to develop integrated, complementary programs, designed to communicate information and investable character with full recognition of the power of advertising and the credibility of public relations. We also bring to clients our unique capability in sales promotion, developing and executing programs that build retailer and distributor support, generate publicity coverage and attract customers.

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