Ostrow & Partners is committed to using research to develop the messages as well as the media and event plans for marketing communications programs. This can be original research undertaken through our associated marketing research firms, a fresh look at recent research previously undertaken by a client's advertising agency or marketing consultant, or a new study, undertaken in concert with the agency, designed to support the work of both. The research is focused on differentiating between the brand characteristics consumers value for the short-term and the qualities in which they make long-term investments. What about the product can't be changed, can't be matched, can't be competitively claimed against? Is it an ingredient, a packaging technique, or a tradition? Is it a tangible, like a flavor; or an intangible, like an attitude? Is it an inner-directed belief in the product, or a sense of how others feel about it?

The research is also directed to questions of messages and media. To which messages are key consumer groups amenable? What information do they need? What media do they go to for it? Who are the key influencers of their judgments?

The Marketing Public Relations Plan directly reflects the research. Key Messages are developed, and all program elements are tested for consistency to them.

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