While each program is uniquely tailored from the research findings and brand characteristics, among the activities frequently included in our plans are:

Marketing Information Materials: Media Information Kits, Television "B-Roll" and Media Kits, Educational Material, Product Brochures, Competitive Charts, Sales Presentations.

Media Events: Press Conferences, Satellite Media Tours, Multi-site events, Internet User Group Forums, coverage of public events.

Television Placement: direct placement of client spokespersons on television "news" and "talk" programs; production and placement of Video News Release and features; Media Tours and Spokesperson Training.

News Bureau Operations: establishment and maintenance of a news bureau to generate periodic and opportunistic "news" to both print and electronic media, monitor media for story opportunities, act as information and spokesperson resource to media covering the topic.

Consumer events: design, development and execution of events designed to attract consumers and media to information and product sampling opportunities, including in-store and in-mall as well and cause-related and community relations programs.

Promotional events: design, development and execution of events designed specifically to generate store traffic through combining sales promotion and public relations media activities.

Trade Public Relations: media-based and direct programs to keep trade and distribution channels informed about brand news and to incent participation in brand promotion and public relations programs.

In addition to planned activities, Ostrow & Partners Marketing Public Relations programs provide clients with state-of-the-art capabilities to respond aggressively to new marketing and information-generating opportunities.

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